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Quality products originally result from quality raw materials. In the faith of "quality results from professional ", sciphar implements professional operation from the beginning, and control the quality of raw materials strictly.

From resources census, selection of raw materials base site, seeds-selection, planting, harvest, to the suppliers evaluation and control, we continuously do professional study, plan and data validation in every step.

Following the principles of environment-protection and sustainable development and in accordance with GAP standards, we build our specialized raw materials base and supply network scientifically.

Most of the raw materials we use are originally produced In China. So far, we have built our own raw material bases such as Taxus base, Polygonum cuspidatum base, Sophora flavescens ait base, Pueraria base, Artemisia annual. base, and so on, through which sufficient quality raw materials are available through the year, thus stability of quality and quantity of raw materials are guaranteed, at the same time, a number of planting farmers have made a fortune.

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Hotline: 0086-29-88951044

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